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With So Many Fencing Styles, Which Is best for you?

Our customers bring up this question a lot. How can we make our fence less basic in the design? We don’t want to be bored while admiring our backyard barrier. This is where our Picture Frame Fence comes into play. We build these fences quite often. They are an eye-catcher, unlike the more simple and standard cedar fence. To construct these fences we use the usual layout of our four-by-four posts and recess our rail brackets about five-eighths of an inch. Allowing our pickets to be boarded by the posts. After creating two edges of the picture frame we need our top and bottom. We apply our, most commonly chosen, two-by-four Douglas Fir top plate. Place two more pickets following our top and bottom line created. This gives a beautiful and uniform look. Picture frame-style fencing is something to consider.

Vinyl Fence

If the look of wood fencing doesn’t suit your style. A vinyl fence might work better. Customers go for this option due to many different reasons. Most commonly heard is they enjoy the low maintenance of these fences. There are benefits to this style rather than the wood counterpart. It does not crack nor sprint in extreme temperature changes. They won't rot like wood tends to in the soil, affecting their stability. They serve the same purpose but look different. They come in various colors. An interesting style of fencing, and one loved by many.

Metal Chain Link Fences

A more secure style of fencing is our metal chain-link. Comes in a black powder coat, or a galvanized silver. Much harder to scale or dismember. Being that it is metal with a powder coat or galvanized it will not rot or warp. These fences stay stronger and last longer than any other counterpart. Many choose these for different reasons. Some want a much more secure backyard. Others want to border a business or facility due to crime or theft. Coming with many different add ons these fences are very versatile. Adding privacy slats taking visibility away inside, and or barbed wire on top for no easy climbing are a couple of additions often made. These fences are durable and strong.

Dog Eared Cedar Fence

Commonly built by us is our simple dog-eared cedar fence. With a more basic style adding a little flare of the dog ear chopped pickets does a lot. Changing the whole style from being straight and more plain, to being a quick eye-catcher to admire. We build these fences with three rails and the pickets sitting on top of the four-by-four posts concealing them. Some may like the pickets following the ground having the top less even. Others like the straightness that a string brings to the fence. However, if the terrain is too uneven a step or a dip in the fence is necessary. These fences are very quick to put up. If the fence is needed now, this is a great option for that.

Hog Wire Fences

Hog Wire fencing, is a chic fencing style nowadays. We get many calls to install these, a very durable fence to add simple security. Customers install these fences mostly in the front of their yards, to keep the dogs from the roads and inside a secured area. It is even good for toddlers while playing outside, making it a much safer environment. These styles come in cedar or in pressure-treated wood which tends to last longer. This adds a great look to homes and yards, separating different areas from others. Wrapping a garden in this fencing is a great idea, keeping unwanted critters out. This is a good-looking simple-built fence we love to install.

Flat-Top Picketed Fence

Our most trendy style of fencing is our flat-top picketed fence with a top plate. What it is most used for is keeping things in and out. For privacy and obstructing views into your outdoor living space. This option is quick to build and very cost-effective. If you need to replace an old fence with a private and basic fence, this is a great option. With three rails and four-by-four posts set in concrete holding the pickets up, it is very strong. This fence will last a very long time with some basic maintenance. It is often chosen by our customers because of its simple design and practicality.


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