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Us Here at Sunno Construction, and Why?

Sunno construction began back in 2015 when Steven Ramos decided to pursue his passion for construction. From a young age, he has been working in this industry. Building decks, roofing, tile, painting, if you can think it he’s done it. He began the business doing any work that came his way. Whether it be bathroom remodels or citing your house. After overcoming many challenges he leaned his weight toward the outdoor experiences of clients. He began building fences, and decks and constructed many patio covers. He has brought with him family and friends throughout this ongoing journey. Building a fantastic, high-performance team.

Now with the back story set. Our business today has been wonderful. We’ve had the opportunity to work with so many different people and help their homeowner dreams come to life. Creating many long-lasting relationships. Here at Sunno Construction that is valuable to us. Creating is our goal, whether that be construction or friends.

We are a family business and will continue to be one, long into the future. We specialize in 3 areas. First is fencing because we’ve found customers loving our finished product. Our quickness in building fences is very appreciated as well. We have access to all sorts of materials and products when it comes to fences. And have acquired all the skills necessary to construct them.

Decking is our next passion. Something that compliments a home so perfectly is a beautiful deck to enjoy the outdoor setting of your yard. It’s wonderful being able to step outdoors having a sturdy and usable deck for barbecues and hot tubs. That’s exactly why we love to build them. There is so much innovation in the decking industry. Deckorators are a great example after inventing some of the best decking on the market, if not the best. Check them out at

We’ve experienced in our many years of construction, people with newly built decks and concrete slabs outside of their doors often want them to be dry. Or even usable in a sense. We didn’t initially have a great desire to build patio covers. But we were so wrong. After getting our first request for one, and some research, we discovered a whole new area for us to expand. We have so much to offer and information to share with you all. Give us a call to get your patio covers built with quality and care.

After a rundown of what we used to do, and our specialties now. Sunno Construction offers a service of honesty and reliability. We have a great and very capable crew. Earning your business is a big priority here. Again Sunno Construction is here to create relationships and expand our business throughout the community. And we thank all of our customers and business friends for your support. Join our journey of expanding, creating, and improving.


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