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Recent Construction Projects and Repairs

Sunno Construction has recently begun home repairs for a multitude of customers. Two of our home repairs were quite significant, and the damage was large. A tree took out most of the garage of one home, barely missing the newly remodeled kitchen. Another was not as lucky, as a tree took out 2 rooms and half of the entire roof. We are eager and dedicated to getting the repairs done as quickly as possible for our customers' sake, allowing them to return to their normal daily lives ASAP.

As seen to the left, a tree fell from the neighbor's property and landed on this home. This was the first step of the repair: getting this tree off of the home. We had our guys remove this tree carefully and chopped it into movable and usable logs. After this, we quickly had to secure the inside from the weather; a night of rain could ruin more of the home. We attached a tarp to the roof. As soon as conditions became safe, we started our process: repairing the roof and walls while cleaning the areas that were damaged.

After our team repaired the framing of the home, we roofed and installed gutters for proper drainage. Our customer was highly satisfied knowing their home is now resistant to the weather. We are currently finishing up this project with siding and other details being installed.

Around the corner from where we are located, a home was hit as well. A tree took a harsh fall, taking out nearly half of one home. As soon as we got the go-ahead, Sunno Construction got to work. This project is nearly finished; final touches are being made. We completely replaced the damaged roof, ordering very strong trusses and thick plywood. The homeowner also requested their gutters to be fully redone, which was not a problem for Sunno Construction. We have all of the resources necessary to completely repair homes.

Currently, we are working on a fence in Milwaukie, Oregon. This project is a unique one, with different posts and pickets than usual, with a 2x12 pressure-treated retaining board as well. We are using postmasters for this project, which are metal posts galvanized. Many prefer them due to the fact they will not rust and have a much longer lifespan than wood. They also allow for much easier installation as fence brackets will not be needed. True ¾ inch cedar pickets are being used to finish this fence in the good neighbor style. There are also many peacocks around this neighborhood.

In a nutshell, Sunno Construction has been hard at work, swiftly addressing significant damages caused by fallen trees to ensure their customers can return to their normal lives as soon as possible. With dedication and expertise, we've repaired roofs, walls, and even completely replaced damaged areas, leaving behind highly satisfied homeowners. Currently, we're also working on a unique fence project, showcasing their versatility and commitment to quality craftsmanship. In every repair project, Sunno Construction strives to deliver not just repairs but peace of mind, knowing homes are safe and sound once again.


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