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Decking It Out, Explore The Different Styles of Decks.

The cedar wood deck is a popular and traditional option customers tend to go with. Many love the look of these decks, especially with a good colored stain to them. However, these decks are becoming more unpopular due to the composite counterparts. It comes with high maintenance due to it being wet here in the Northwest. They are still a great option and have such a beautiful look. Often these decks are paired with a cedar railing to match the deck built.

Composite decking isn’t a new product, but it has changed and developed so much that it is almost entirely different. Composite is gaining much more traction among homeowners for its durability, clean look, and the low maintenance it needs. Older versions of these boards would crack, mold, and warp over time. These more advanced model like the Deckorators voyage series takes care of all that. Longlasting and durable boards, with a unique grain on each board and a selection of colors.

If you are looking for the most cost-effective option, pavers paths and patios are an option to consider. They are widespread and have been around for a long time. Homeowners love the many different designs you can do, all being unique with eye-catching visuals. Having great versatility with paths and pairing with terrain. Pavers are on the higher maintenance side, they require some washing to stay well intact. It's a quick and cheaper way to transform your outdoor living experience. These are an alternative to concrete and are preferred due to easy repairs and a longer lifespan than a slab of concrete.

Framing a deck with steel ensures that your structure will last a very long time with great sturdiness. Homeowners often go with a steel-framed deck where their current residency will be long-term. Instead of potentially rotting or warped wood causing instability in the structure, and paying for repairs. They opt for less maintenance plus long-lasting alternative steel framing.

If you are looking for an alternative material instead of the more expensive steel. Pressure-treated LVL is a great substitution. These boards are sturdy and strong. Being built for exterior uses they do not rot like other wood. Resisting the decay and wood-destroying insects the framing comes with a 25-year warranty for such.

Our most commonly used option for framing decks is our pressure-treated cedar. This is the most sought-after due to its pricing and availability. This wood is built to be outdoors, it is resistant to rot and decay. Being the wood is pressure treated it adds decades to its untreated lifespan. If maintenance is performed on the wood, it will last a very long time with very minimal issues. Staying sturdy for decades this option is one to consider. Interested in creating a new deck on your property, contact us for a free quote. Allow Sunno Construction to bring you construction dreams to life.


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