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Constructing 2024, Reflecting On 2023

2023 has been a great year for us here at Sunno Construction. We’ve gained a lot of different things this year from figuring out many of our struggles to improving on our strengths. Our team has improved so much over this year, we keep each other up and going. When our team works closely and efficiently it is more for our customers and beneficial for business. Sunno Construction is a family business and for the years to come will always be one.

A substantial takeaway from the previous year was our new relationships established. We have met many people and companies who have helped us improve in an unfathomable amount of ways. Large roles were played by our customers in 2023. They shared their opinions on the way we operate and how we could improve. Or the simple questions that were asked during our construction process. These may seem little but have a great impact when noticed and studied. Companies we’ve worked with have done a similar thing for us. We are communicating with them about their struggles when working with us. We believe there is always room for improvement and will continue to improve.

Something important to carry over to the next year is our effort and creative ideas on finding ways to create and attract more business. We want to offer our service to everyone and have the chance to earn the opportunity to do what we love. From the referrals of customers to the advertisement we put much effort into it. We’ve seen results and will work harder and harder to improve as every day is an opportunity. There's a lot of things to be built in the world. 

This is how our 2024 started out...

We have pushed a variety of advertisements through Google and have made efforts to expand our posts on Instagram and Facebook, @sunnoconstructionllc and @sunnoconstruction, go follow :). Doing so helped us build a community within our business. As we work towards making our social media and marketing more widespread in the coming year. Sharing more of our work and business for many to view.

We are growing at a fantastic pace and are right on track for our goals for the company. The opportunities that will come in the year 2024 could be large. The team here is ready for it all. Our passion is large for this business, we take pride in the work we do. From year to year, our quality and efficiency continue to get better. We want to transform your outdoor living experience and bring your thoughts and imagination to life. 

First Project of the year!

Our family-owned business is important to us. We have big dreams for this year, even the next five. Decades from now we have goals. This year is another step closer to achieving them all. We love all that comes with this business and genuinely enjoy the work. Sunno Construction wants to build your fence this year. We want to construct the patio covers and the decks you dreamed about having. Give us a call. Schedule an appointment. We want to make 2024 the year of doing more. Going above and beyond. Thanks to all and everyone, 2023 has truly been an amazing year at Sunno Construction. We appreciate all the support.


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