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A PostMaster Durable Fence by Sunno Construction LLC

Our team recently enjoyed building a different style of fencing, using PostMaster eight-foot posts. They are the metal posts shown in the pictures below. They have got a great look to them. When our team builds fences like these, quick one hundred to two hundred foot fences, takes more than likely only two days max. We set posts in one day. We ensure the concrete has time to set and dry for a solid structure. Then we start the framing of the fence and picketing the next day after.

Now these postmasters are something to talk about. There are many reasons crew members and customers on our team love these posts. The reason I notice these posts as being a product worth purchasing is their ability. They are metal galvanized posts that will not twist, nor rot or crack like their counterparts. Postmasters offer line posts and corner posts allowing a nice finished product. They even offer a gate post for any openings necessary.

The picture of our product above is a dog-eared fence, with three rails and postmaster posts. A very quick fence to build, but they are much stronger than their competition. These posts allowed us to eliminate fence rail brackets. We put our rail boards cut to the perfect size and screw in/secure tightly reading it for pickets.

The back side of the fence looks great as well. Everything was uniform just the way we wanted it to be built. Whilst building this fence, team members kept complimenting the posts and the easy installation it allows for. We realized very quickly how simple these posts were able to be leveled. All PostMaster posts are completely straight and uniform from the factory. In most cases, wood will not be completely straight. They come bent and warped. We often have to deal with this. Posts like these get rid of this issue.

Finishing this fence in two days was easily accomplished. Although it did still take us two days to complete. We completed it in two shorter days than it would have normally taken us. For a product that will last much longer than the counterpart. We love working with these posts. They have so many different options and styles to choose from.

If you have any questions about these posts, projects you are thinking about, or want a free estimate of a patio cover, fence, or deck. Contact us at Sunno Construction. We will be happy to help with anything we are able to, and would definitely want to earn your business. Customer Satisfaction is very important to us, as we take pride in our work. Let us bring your outdoor living experience to a whole new level.


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