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A Deck to Admire, Constructed by Sunno Construction LLC

Our team just recently constructed a deck, on the larger side upwards of nine hundred square feet, in the hills of Happy Valley. As shown above, this deck is crafted from high-end composite decking. This is the Voyage Composite Decking from Deckorators. Featuring many qualities others do not. These boards come lightweight and extremely durable. When you try to bend the boards, they do not snap. They begin to slowly tear, that's even if you can get the board bent enough. Many things like dropping tools or sliding something on top of these composite deck boards would tend to scrape them. These voyage series are much less vulnerable to it. We can scratch them but it takes an effort.

Many wooden decks built with cedar, or some older composites, are very hard to maintain and require frequent cleaning. They also tend to warp in the heat as well. When we build decks, we want customers not to have much work to maintain our product. So it has a long-lasting beauty. These Voyage boards, do not stain and are very low maintenance. No warping in the sun either, throughout all the seasons they stick to their shape.

The type of railing we used to wrap this deck is the Deckorators Rapid Railing. We had an easy time installing this product. It was quick, strong, and good-looking. Our team said the railing was extremely sturdy and following the simple instructions you could install it quickly without faults. It is very versatile too, offering easy ways to install corners and angles. With many useful tools specifically to help the installation process. A stencil was used to help put brackets in the correct heights and positions, and it shows exactly where to place the railing. With many variables being able to hold it upside to adjust the height of the railing or the distance off the ground. Overall one of my favorite railings to install, and what a nice finish it had.

In the early stages of this project, we were removing and disposing of the previous deck. We encountered some massive footings with an uneven layout of concrete. They were very heavy as well. They were too heavy to pick up all in one piece. So once we got the posts out with our post-pulling jack, we had to break the concrete away into pieces for easy disposal. After we cleared the land and made sure to clean everything around, we constructed our rough layout.

Our rough layout was complete so we began digging the holes in the areas necessary. Dug three feet deep, and a foot and a half wide, ensuring for a structural build. Setting the posts was the easy part, mixing the concrete went smoothly and the posts came out level and straight. Sono tubes were installed to improve the longevity of the deck. So water doesn’t rot the wood at the base, and eventually needs replacement. We set all Simpson Strong-Tie brackets on the posts and placed six-by-ten beams on our posts.

By this time the new deck was coming together well, with our joists in place, and all Simpson Strong Ties nailed in. We began constructing the stairs after this, with a couple of minor hiccups along that process. The wood purchased did not meet our standards delaying the stair-making process by a day. We add our blocking for our railing using four by six chunks in between joists. Then along came our decking process, and railing installations.

I am proud to say this deck is strong and beautiful. While walking on it, you can feel the stability. Our Customers were happy and loved watching the process of their brand-new deck being built and constructed. Ensuring they’ll have a long-lasting deck to enjoy. We had a great time building this deck, we and the customer are so happy with the final product. If you want any similar projects or even a design and idea in your head. Let us at Sunno Construction help bring it to life and do what we do best.


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