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Wood Fences 

Wood fences are an economical, eco-friendly choice for both homeowners and business owners alike. With their ease of installation and array of designs available to fit almost any look, a well-maintained wooden fence can last for many years. Here are some great advantages to having a wood fence

Create Your Style and we build it 

From a rustic Dog Ear or Flat Top design, wooden fences are highly adaptable. An elegant rail fence is an excellent option to surround a large area, while a classic picket fence will bring an inviting look to your yard. If you want privacy from the neighbors, or even if local ordinances require a “attractive nuisance” such as a swimming pool or trampoline to be surrounded, a wooden privacy fence can do the job.

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Installing a wooden fence requires little effort and little disruption to your home or business. Sunno Construction LLC will be happy to quickly and efficiently put up a wooden fence for you so that you can start enjoying the new look as soon as possible.



DIY homeowners who like to spruce up their surroundings can easily change the look of their wood fence with a simple paint job or a fresh stain. But you can always count on Sunno Construction Llc to help you with that. 

While wood is already naturally resistant to decay, the added layer of protection will protect the wood from UV rays and lengthen its life. If you prefer, you can also choose to let the wood age naturally without treatment.


The major appeal of a wood fence is that it is so easy to customize. Depending on your preferences, you can select the fence height, gate width, and wooden accessories such as flower boxes. Even if you later want to reduce the height of the fence, the panels can be easily trimmed to make the necessary adjustments.



Wood fences are more cost-effective than options like wrought iron, vinyl, and aluminum. Plus, they are easy and inexpensive to maintain. With just an occasional scrub, the average treated wood fence will last for decades.


Wooden fences are an attractive option for many types of locations, from rural areas, to suburbs, to cities. Many people choose wood for its subtle, yet beautiful appeal. From homes to schools to government agencies, wooden fences are a great choice.

A wood fence can be the perfect solution for almost anyone. But with so many styles to choose from, it's always a goodidea to have some help from a professional. Sunno Construction LLC can assist you in picking the perfect wooden fence for your home or business.

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