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Versatile and inviting, wood fencing embodies both functionality and aesthetics. From the classic allure of picket fences to the steadfast privacy of solid barriers, wood fencing offers a myriad of styles to suit your vision. It's more than protection—it's a canvas for personalization. Explore the elegance, durability, and charm that wood fencing brings to your outdoor oasis, and discover the endless possibilities of creating a space that's uniquely yours.

Wood Fencing

Picture frame-style cedar wood fence by Sunno Construction featuring a prominent top plate, decorative post caps, and intricate trim details. The fence also includes an elegant lattice design, adding both privacy and aesthetic appeal to the structure.


3 - 7 Feet

Footing Depth:

2 - 3 Feet

Picket Style

Flat Top, Dog Eared

Post Material

Pressure Treated, Metal Postmaster

Optional Features

Top Plate, Picture Frame, Post Caps, Trim, Lattice

Image by Edan Cohen
Stunning modern cedar wood solid privacy fence by Sunno Construction in Portland, Oregon. Enhance your outdoor space with our quality craftsmanship and local expertise.

Solid Privacy

The solid cedar fence design stands out as one of the most cost effective styles within the cedar fence range. Comprising cedar fence boards placed adjacent to each other with slight spacing, this design accommodates the natural expansion and contraction influenced by weather changes. Opting for cedar fences presents an excellent option if you seek a reliable perimeter to safeguard children, pets, or valuables.

Beautiful board-on-board cedar wood fence by Sunno Construction. Enhance your property's aesthetics with our expert craftsmanship.

Board on Board Privacy

A board-on-board privacy fence offers an elevated level of security and aesthetic appeal compared to standard privacy fences. The overlapping design of the boards provides an extra layer, ensuring complete privacy while adding dimension and visual interest to your outdoor space. This style not only obstructs sightlines but also enhances durability by minimizing warping and weathering over time.

Contemporary good neighbor cedar fence by Sunno Construction. Elevate your Portland property with our modern fencing solutions.

Good Neighbor

A good neighbor cedar fence stands as a testament to thoughtful design and harmonious aesthetics. Its unique construction features alternating panels, ensuring both sides of the fence look equally appealing, eliminating the need for a “good” or “bad” side. This design fosters a sense of collaboration, benefiting both neighbors by providing a visually pleasing boundary that enhances the charm of both properties.

Stylish cedar wood horizontal fence with lattice top by Sunno Construction. Perfect for adding privacy and elegance to your Portland outdoor space.


A horizontal cedar fence offers a modern and stylish take on traditional fencing options. Its sleek, horizontal orientation creates a visually striking appearance that complements contemporary outdoor spaces with a touch of sophistication. The unique layout of horizontal cedar boards provides a sense of openness while maintaining privacy, allowing for a more expansive feel within your property. 

Wood Fence Styles

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Durable metal fence post by Sunno Construction, Portland. Resistant to rot and insects, ensuring a longer lifespan. Superior stability and strength for robust fencing, ideal for harsh weather.

Metal Fence Posts

Metal fence posts offer several advantages over traditional wood posts. Their durability stands out as a primary benefit, as metal posts are completely resistant to rot and insect damage, ensuring a longer lifespan compared to wood. Additionally, they provide superior stability and strength, contributing to a more robust and reliable fencing structure, particularly in areas prone to harsh weather conditions.

Charming flat or dog-eared picket fence by Sunno Construction. Enhance your Portland property with classic fencing style and craftsmanship.

Flat or Dog Eared Picket

Flat top pickets and dog-eared pickets differ primarily in their aesthetic appearance and overall style. Flat top pickets feature a straightforward, clean-cut top edge, providing a sleek and modern look to the fence line. On the other hand, dog-eared pickets have a distinctive slanted or notched top, giving them a more rustic and traditional appearance.

Elegant cedar wood fence with flat/lattice top plate by Sunno Construction in Portland. The top plate adds structural definition and a polished look while protecting the fence's surface for enhanced aesthetics and longevity.

Top Plate

The addition of a top plate to a cedar fence brings a touch of elegance and structural definition to the overall design. Acting as a finishing touch, the top plate provides a clean and polished look, enhancing the fence's appearance by adding a distinctive horizontal line at the top. This feature not only contributes to the fence's aesthetics but also serves as a protective barrier, preventing water from accumulating on the fence's surface and potentially extending its lifespan.

Exquisite cedar wood picture frame style fence by Sunno Construction, Portland. Emphasizes craftsmanship, natural beauty, and visual interest. A dynamic standout in outdoor spaces.

Picture Frame

Picture framing is achieved by leaving the posts exposed and creating a perimeter around each section of fence, leaving each panel with a defined outline and emphasizing its structural elements. This design choice not only adds visual interest but also highlights the natural beauty of the cedar and the craftsmanship of the fence. The contrast between the framed sections and the exposed posts creates a dynamic visual effect, making it a standout feature in any outdoor space.

Sturdy cedar wood 3-rail fence by Sunno Construction, Portland. Enhanced stability and structural integrity for longevity and resistance to external forces.

Three Rails

Using three rails on a wood fence instead of two offers enhanced stability and structural integrity. The additional rail provides extra support, distributing the weight more evenly across the fence and reducing the risk of sagging or warping over time. This configuration also strengthens the overall framework, making the fence more resistant to external pressures such as strong winds or accidental impacts.

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