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Beyond its elegant appearance that enhances the visual appeal of any property, this type of fencing provides durability and security. Crafted from materials like wrought iron, steel, or aluminum, ornamental fences are robust and long-lasting, requiring minimal maintenance while standing as a formidable barrier against unwanted intrusion. Their versatility in design, offering various styles, colors, and heights, makes them adaptable to diverse architectural aesthetics, ensuring a sophisticated boundary that adds value to the property.

Ornamental Fencing

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Black Ornamental Fence: Combining Elegance, Durability, and Security

Heights Available:

42", 4', 5', 6', 7', 8'

Footing Depth:

2 - 3 Feet



Image by Jake Nackos
Universal Top Ornamental Fence: Modern Style and Security in Simple Design

Universal Top

Modern Style of steel fencing that provides security and elegance in a simple design.

Spear Top Ornamental Fence: Classic Wrought Iron Styling for Added Security

Spear Top

The classic wrought iron styling that provides an extra level of security.

Picket Top Ornamental Fence: Timeless Style for Security and Unobstructed Views

Picket Top

Simple, classic, and timeless styling providing security and clean views.

Security Top Ornamental Fence: Enhanced Deterrence and Armament for Added Security

Security Top

Security panel that provides an additional level of deterrent and armament.

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