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Types of Patio Covers to Build

Classic patio cover with wooden beams

The lean-to patio covers are such a simple yet effective design. These patio covers are a great way to enhance your outdoor living experience. It’s a popular choice among homeowners. Lean-to means it is attached to the house sloping downwards towards the soon-to-be-covered area. With the open sides, it allows for much better ventilation. Whether used for dining, relaxation, or entertaining guests, this patio cover balances functionality and aesthetics adding a big complement to the home design.

Large patio cover extending from the house, creating a perfect outdoor living area

A skylift patio cover is a new innovative design for a cover that can be well-adjusted. The two beams are set on posts with openings on the top and bottom. Having these metal posts attached to the house sitting above the roof allows for more of a tilt if desired. A versatile slope makes blocking weather and sun much easier. This patio cover is extremely functional with a sleek design. Many customers prefer the skylift covers over many others due to cost and the adjustable factor.

Wooden patio cover with climbing plants offering a shaded outdoor space.

Patio covers can get creative in design. A-fame patio covers are a great example. The covers are attached to the house with two sloped sides meeting at the top. There are usually five beams creating the a-frame cover. We set two posts either wood or metal and place connected beams running from the house to the posts, with additional beams from post to post. Homeowners love the design of these covers, creating a great look often to match the house. Pairing with a deck this enhances the outdoor living experience to a whole different level.

Wooden patio cover with climbing plants offering a shaded outdoor space.

Some homes fit much better with a stand-alone patio cover. These styles allow for versatility and customization. Instead of having the patio leaning off the house, we set posts and constructed it to be a completely different structure than the house. Having a stand-alone patio cover means you can maximize your outdoor space and patio. We are able to customize these covers much more than our counterparts. From adjusting the way it leans or the slope and even the height. Many homeowners prefer the structures to be more customizable and prefer the cover to be a focal point.

Your desired covered area may be away from the house. If so, the usual patio covers attached to the home won’t be an option. The better structure for this job is our gazebos. These are stand-alone covers that range in size and height often built in an octagon or square shape. Many customers prefer these gazebos to be constructed in an eye-catching design. Although others like the simplicity of gazebos. Being this structure isn’t usually close to the home, it allows for easy customization to fit all needs.

If you want a more secluded and private area for your outdoor living. A closed patio cover may be your go-to. These covers are the same as our A-Frame or Lean-To covers, with the addition of walls covering the sides. It allows for a more weatherproof and private feel. We normally paint match these types of covers unless our customer has instructed us not to. If you are more of a private person or want a more weatherproof structure this will work great for you.


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