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Oregon Winter Storm, Damages and Repairs

We all have experienced this recent storm that hit all around Oregon, some places were hit harder than others. Trees falling, power outages, ice coating absolutely everything, pipes bursting, etc. much damage has occurred to people's homes. Some devastating and some minor. These situations are always tough to deal with. Sunno Construction is doing its best to help repair the damages that may have occurred. We have had multiple customers call saying something happened to their roof, fences especially. This company is equipped to help with all of the damages that may have occurred.

As I drove around just my neighborhood I had to count the amount of trees that had fallen on both hands. Then I kept driving to see more of the wreckage this storm caused. I saw some houses with multiple trees fallen on top. Crushing the structures of their home. Beware very often when a tree falls on a home or garage, the damages are bigger than they seem. Try opening a door, if it opens the same as usual you may have gotten less of a hit. If the door scrapes the ground and struggles to open, the framing of the house could be severely damaged.

Our team is dealing with many situations like this currently. A lot of our previous work has been damaged by fallen trees. We are ready to repair it. Some steps to take if the storm has damaged your property. First and foremost be safe. If a tree is leaning fallen on your home, you might need a better place to stay in the meantime. Turn off your power and gas if the damage is severe, contact the electric company. Get in contact with your home insurance agent. Get your repairs assessed and quoted. Give us a call so we can get out there to help fix what the storm damaged.

Preparing for these storms is not always easy. They can have unexpected turns. My family and I were able to stay well for the most part. Losing power and the internet is the most we endured. Some of us fell while walking to the car too. But we all were good. I hope people stayed safe and warm.

The driving conditions were extremely unsafe. Instead of it being deep snow or slush. This storm was a complete sheet of ice. Cars may have gone off the road, even hit a part of your house. Broke your fences and gates. If anything of this sort may have happened to you or a family and friends. Sunno Construction would love to help. We want to repair your damages. Get your life back to the way it was before the storm.

Quick tips for the windy and freezing storms. To help pipes from bursting keep a constant flow on your bathroom or kitchen sink. Just a little trickle is enough to do the job. Keep your water shut off accessible. Adding a filter to the water could be needed. Also maintaining your thermostat if possible. Lastly, prepare for a vacation as well. Make sure if you need to, you can leave. Avoid using vented and unvented combustion small space heaters, they can be deadly at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and house fires. We hope everyone can return to their everyday lives soon.


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