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Fencing, Decking, and Patio Covers Pricing Near Me

Here at Sunno Construction, we can do it all but specialize in three different construction categories. Mainly working in the outdoor spaces, we can transform backyards from bland and unusable to useful and unique. Fencing, Decking, and Patio Covers are those categories. We often get questions about the prices of our products and services, so hopefully, this can answer some questions people may have.

Wooden patio cover with climbing plants offering a shaded outdoor space.

Through our business years, we have found that the Portland metro and surrounding areas have loved patio covers in the last few years. They will be one of our most popular products around 2020. People spending more time at home allowed them to use the yards more. Then they wanted shade and weather protection on their deck or patio. Leading to us getting a call to quote it. Material prices were high back then, but they have dropped recently. We can get 10’x20’ base model patio covers for around $15,000, depending on the options. We have deals all the time on these types of builds and have specials on these very often so keep an eye out for us and call us for information about them. These patio covers have been a super innovative field nowadays and many products and additions have been invented to make these more cozy and comfortable, sometimes more usable. Check out some of the examples here. Keep an eye on our page for discounts and sales!

Above ground pool with a custom-built wooden deck surrounding it, providing easy access and a stylish lounging area.

Another area of expertise is our decking division. We have built a massive variety of decks within just the past year. The most popular and mainly used is our composite decking from Deckorators. From major decks to smaller more unique decks they have it all. Composite used to be a much more expensive premium option but within the past years, it has become a big competitor with cedar and other decking. Deckorators production has improved and grown with new products and lower costs allowing us to lower costs. Typically an extra 10 to 15 dollars for a composite deck board over cedar. Using composite, a typical deck with aluminum railing 10’x20’ would range from 10k-13k which could go above or below based on options and of course terrain. If terraforming including most times will add an extra 1500 bucks give or take. With these prices in mind. Working with us will always help to get a product you want for a price you love. We can work with all customers on budgeting and pricing, gladly.

Sturdy wooden fence providing privacy and security for a backyard

Our final area is fencing. We offer quality and the security of being a licensed legal company ready to take on any fencing project you throw at us. We dealt with it all and done it all. Being a fencing company in the early days helped our pricing get better and better, a typical 100-foot fence with 1 gate would be around 4k-5k, the typical cedar fence picket gate being around $350-$400 to build and install, of course depending on style. Here in Oregon, people love their fencing as do I. We offer every style of fencing there is. We love doing unique projects and would love to help your fencing dreams come alive. Styles will affect costs as will terrain. Give us a call and let’s work out a price and product that works best for you.

Contact us for any more details and or questions about pricing on our products and services, if you are wondering about any topics within our fields and want to work with us, let’s get in contact. We will explain all of our pricing to you and what we are doing to ensure a product is worth it. Thank you all, and I appreciate the read. Have a great one from Sunno Construction.


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