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Your fencing journey starts here

When you're looking to install a fence in your home, you have many options - but not all are created equal. You could choose a picket fence, a privacy fence or even an elegant wrought iron gate. If you choose Sunno Construction LLC, you can be assured that your new fencing will last for years and years to come - no matter what type or design of fencing you choose. Because they offer their services throughout the region, they can work with you to create an exclusive custom gate just for your needs and design aesthetic. They have many years of experience and top-quality craftsmanship to make sure your new fencing looks exactly how you want it to look.

wood fencing

Wood fencing is the most common fencing we install. Known for its affordability and versatility, you are sure to find an option suited to your taste.

wood post  vs  metal post

Rotted posts are a common concern when installing or replacing a fence. That's why at Sunno Construction, we offer PostMaster metal fence posts. When you upgrade to metal, you will get peace of mind knowing your fencing posts can withstand up to 73 MPH winds and will never rot out. Metal posts can be integrated into any wood style fence; giving you the classic beauty of wood and the long lasting performance of metal.

fence repair and post replacement

Sometimes you can't afford to rebuild an entire fence. In these cases, we offer post only replacements. This is a good option if the elements have rotted out your wood posts but the rails and pickets are still in good shape. However, if the the rails on your fence have begun to degrade, the most effective option may still be a full replacement. This is because the rails of your fence are a vital part of your fences structural integrity and may not have a solid connection to a newly set post. Contact us to find the option that suits you best.

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