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How to inspect your home after a snow storm   

Start on the Roof and Attic 

Ensure to inspect your roof for any loose or missing shingles and any possible snow overloads on your roof. This can cause the snow melt to leak within a crack into your attic and damaging both your roof and attic. Roof Collapses are common when snow overloads your roof maybe from a weight capacity on your roof or an already damaged roof.  Inspect if there are any ice dams or blockages present in the drainage system of your roof this can cause structural damage if not fixed. If you have a chimney look for any physical damage.


 After Inspecting the roof for any damage or possible leaks your next place to look is in your attic. Its vital that you use safety checking your attic. A face mask, safety glasses, flash light and gloves are important when checking the attic and its not always the easiest of tasks to do. If you do not feel confident checking your attic do not hesitate to give Sunno Construction a CALL. We have experts in roofing and attic crawlers ready to answer the call. 

If you suspect the damage has gone beyond the roof and attic into the foundation of the building its imminent that you reach us. It can cost more in damages if the problem is not fixed. 

Inspect the Outside Walls and Perimeter.

Inspect the outside wall for any damage from the snow or maybe a  fallen tree . Look to see if your property has taken any property damage by inspecting your patio covers any stair steps you might have. Ensure to check your fencing for any damage caused by fallen trees or power lines. If you have spotted or suspect of any damage caused to your property contact Sunno Construction. 

Inside Damage

Check the inside walls and ceiling for any water damage. Look for warping walls, stains on the wall and leaky ceiling showcasing stains or leaks. We know that in Portland water damage can lead to mold build up. Mold build up from water damage has a pungent musty odor if you are unsure give Sunno Construction a call at 503 442 2035. We Have MOLD specialist ready to answer the call. 

Inspect the baseboards for any visible stain that can raise the alarms for any possible mold build up or water leaks. Remember that mold build up is more often found in areas with moisture. examples are fire places, bathrooms, kitchens. Check the walls in the basement and inspect for any water leakage. 

Basement Damage or leaks

After inspecting the roof and inside of the home the next area is to check the basement. Its common for snow melt to leak into your basement and cause damage to the foundation leading to high repair cost if not fixed immediately.  Check the ceiling for leaks or wet areas. It is more common for snow melt to leak within the outside of the basement so be sure to inspect the  entire area.

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